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The simple, easy-to-use tool, packed with helpful features that allow beginning novelists or published authors create amazing stories. 

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Dabble does what your word processor can't!

Dabble organizes your manuscript, story notes, and plot. Dabble simplifies your story, leaving more room in your brain to create, which is what being a writer is really about.

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A full-featured writing app for your Windows or Mac computer.

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The full-featured app in your browser, the exact same app as the desktop. Access Dabble on any computer or laptop, including Chromebooks and Linux.

Your manuscript is automatically backed up to the cloud. Never worry about losing your work. You can even work offline. Your work will backup as soon as you are back online.

Cloud Backup

Export to Word, auto-scroll, auto-focus-mode, manuscript overview, drag and drop, and story notes. It is all the little things that add up to a great product.

And more...

Our unique plotting tool helps craft your story before, during, or after writing it. It makes working with multiple plot lines easy.


Sync your work between computers.

Cloud Sync

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It's all about simplicity & organization

If you're sick of using sticky notes, plotting it out on a piece of paper, using elementary word processors then you're going to love Dabble.  Dabble's was created for two reasons - Simplicity and organization.  There are other tools that are either way too complicated and almost require a course to teach you how to use them...or too elementary where they lack basic tools and organization.  That's where Dabble shines!   

Write detailed notes on each plot point in your plot lines.

See the big picture.

Set up the events in each subplot to happen at the right time in your story.

Shape your story with Dabble’s unique plotting tool. Plot like J.K. Rowling. Dabble provides a plot grid, plot lines (subplots), and plot points (the events in your subplots) to supercharge your plotting.

Plot your story.

How it works

Dive into each subplot.

Write wherever you are.

Keep plotting, writing, and editing wherever you are. Write in the desktop app on your Mac or Windows computer at home. Write in the browser during your lunch break at work or write offline at the cabin over the weekend.

Automatically sync to the cloud.

Sync your novel up to the cloud and between computers. Dabble keeps a full copy on each computer and one in the cloud. These copies sync with each other when they are online.

You may not be able (or want to) write every single day. Dabble allows you to mark the days you are taking off so it can accurately track your daily word goal.

Take days off.

Dabble will auto-calculate your daily word count goal, based on how many writing days are left before your goal deadline.

Work toward daily goals.

Dabble helps you set and keep goals.

Track your progress.

Adjust your goal.

Set a goal that is right for you, and set a starting count to only track new words. Set your goal to 20,000 words on top of the 80,000 you already have.

Auto-formatting allows you to focus on writing words instead of formatting chapter titles.

Auto-focus-mode fades out everything but the page and text as you type to help you stay in the zone.

Divide your manuscript into parts, chapters, and scenes, navigate your novel with a click, and reorder your scenes with drag and drop.

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Dabble is the simple, easy-to-use tool, packed with helpful features that allow beginning novelists or published authors create amazing stories. 

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Thousands of beginners and next-level authors use Dabble as their secret weapon.


Why is Dabble a subscription service?

Have you ever bought a product only to have a newer, better, faster version come out in a few months? (Looking at you Apple). With Dabble, however, you always get the latest and greatest included with your original subscription. The creators behind Dabble are focused on innovation, that’s why the platform is always improving, and we’re always focused on adding new features.

With a subscription, you automatically get access to the newest Dabble features, no upgrade necessary. When features like Dabble mobile and image integration are rolled out (both coming soon), both will be available to ALL Dabble users for no extra cost.

What is the price for Dabble after the trial?

After your free two-week trial, there are two subscription options to continue enjoying Dabble. The first is a monthly subscription: $9.99 a month. The second is an annual subscription: $7.99 a month, which is a 20% discount. With either option, you get total access to all of Dabble’s features, all the coming upgrades, and free access to our online writing community. Read more about our subscription platform at

Are you a teacher or a student? Dabble offers a 30% off student discount to encourage young writers. Sign up or find more information here:

Who is Dabble for?

Dabble is designed for everyone. Whether it’s your first time writing a novel for fun or you’re a professional author, Dabble has features you’ll enjoy. Since Dabble is so easy to use, it’s a great program for young children or anyone less comfortable with technology. Dabble also has all the integrations and features to help published authors keep multiple book projects on track, share manuscripts with editors, and more. Poetry, screenplays, or notes for college also work well with Dabble Writer, we support all forms of writing!

Does Dabble work with NaNoWriMo?

Yes! We’re a proud sponsor of NaNoWriMo and our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with NaNoWriMo every year. Here are some of the ways Dabble Writer can help you win NaNoWriMo:

  1. One-Step Account Linking: Sign up NaNoWriMo then link your credentials with Dabble. Turn on NaNoWriMo integration starting in October.
  2. Word Count: Dabble automatically tracks your word count, and reports it to the folks at NaNoWriMo when you hit 50k.
  3. Goal Setting: Set a word count goal with Dabble to keep yourself accountable. It’s easy to turn days off to take writing breaks too.

What does Dabble’s future look like?

Dabble’s future is bright. Dabble began in 2017 and since then we’ve released many new features and gained a loyal community of writers. As a small business, we’re dedicated to increasing our service and platform to serve every author. Want to be part of Dabble Writer’s future?

Sign up and see for yourself what thousands of writers love about Dabble Writer:

Do I have access to my work if I unsubscribe?

Yes, of course. You’ll always have access to your manuscripts - whether or not you’re an active subscriber. Log in and copy/paste your work to use on another platform even after your subscription ends. You can’t write any new words or use Dabble’s features, but all your existing manuscripts, notes, projects, etc. are still viewable.

Do I own my work in Dabble?

We’re extremely supportive of authors and their rights. You as the writer always retain the copyright of any work you write with Dabble’s platform. You’ll always have access to your work, whether or not you’re an active subscriber, and everything you write is always yours.

What happens to my work if Dabble shuts down?

Many users ask us what happens to their work if Dabble ever shuts down. Firstly, Dabble is going to be around for a long time, the business is healthy and sustainable. Second, even if Dabble were to shut down, you would always have access to your work. Since your files are saved locally on your computer via the Dabble desktop app, as well as on a server in the cloud, you’ll always have access even if Dabble doesn’t continue to grow.

Why is Dabble better than Scrivener?

Scrivener is one of the many alternatives to traditional word processors. However, it’s cluttered with menus and hard to learn. Dabble strives to keep writing simple, providing you with features to help you write. Here are some of the best of Dabble’s features:

Never pay for an upgrade with Dabble. Unlike Scrivener where users have to pay to upgrade to the latest version, Dabble gives all users access to new features and versions for no extra charge.

Dabble works on all operating systems. Scrivener requires you to buy a different license for each operating system. The Dabble desktop and web apps work on all browsers and operating systems, including any device with a browser and internet access. Dabble is cloud-based so you can even flip between devices seamlessly.

Dabble has a simple menu interface. With Dabble, there’s no learning curve, access all features with 1 to 2 clicks in only one main menu. Dabble is designed to limit distractions that take you away from writing. Scrivener has a steeper learning curve, with so many menus it’s easy to get lost. Since it’s hard to concentrate with so many menus staring you in the face, Dabble has an auto-focus feature to keep the noise to a minimum, while still keeping your notes immediately on-hand.

Cloud-based back-ups with Dabble. Dabble works offline, with Wi-Fi, and entirely in the cloud - all at the same time. Dabble saves your book locally on your desktop, and in the cloud so you never lose any work due to a computer crash, theft, or loss of internet. Scrivener recommends you keep manual backups outside of the program, just in case. Even the in-program backups overwrite older versions of your Scrivener manuscript. Coming soon with Dabble: versioning. Go back in time to retrieve older versions of your book.

How is Dabble similar to Scrivener?

Dabble and Scrivener are both alternatives to traditional word processors. Each program features advanced novel writing tools such as: 

  • Plotting features
  • Chapter/book based menu structures
  • Integrated notes
  • Full-screen writing views

If you’ve ever used Scrivener, it’s an easy transition to start using Dabble. Both programs have goal-tracking, the ability to export your work, and auto-save.

What makes Dabble better than Microsoft Word or Google Docs?

Traditional word processors were designed with office work in mind, that’s why there are so many options for page size, templates, mailings, designs, and more. MS Word and Google Docs each have heaps of non-novel writing features that you just don’t need. Dabble removes all of those irrelevant features and substitutes more helpful novel-centric features. Here are some examples: 

  • A single page format - never worry about margins, headers, paragraph styles, or printing tools. Dabble auto-formats your page to accommodate chapter headings, quotes, and more.
  • Story note and plot grid integration. Everything stays in one program, no more using multiple files or programs for a single manuscript or idea. Impossible in regular processors, Dabble has dedicated sections to keep your notes and your book in the same place.
  • Write online and offline. Rather than just online (Google Docs) or offline (MS Word), Dabble combines both so you have the flexibility to write from anywhere. While you’re offline, Dabble saves a copy of your work locally on your computer. When you’re connected to Wi-Fi again, Dabble automatically uploads a copy of your work.

Why do people choose Dabble over Scrivener?

Many Dabblers are former Scrivener users. They choose Dabble over Scrivener for the simpler interface, straightforward subscription (with free upgrades for life), and offline, cloud-based file storage. Dabble is also great for writers who are less comfortable with technology. Dabble doesn’t have complicated menus or hard-to-learn features like Scrivener does. Having too many options and setting overwhelms some Scrivener users, so Dabble’s one menu interface is a great alternative.

Can I import and export my work with Dabble?

Yes, you can both import and export entire books, single chapters, and more with Dabble. Publishers prefer Word documents so we’ve made it easy to export and import. To import to Dabble: Importing is as simple as copy and paste. It takes about 10 minutes depending on the length of your novel to fully import to Dabble. To export from Dabble: Exporting from Dabble is a one-click process. Hover over your chapter or manuscript until you see the three small dots. Click “Export to Word” from the menu dots and you’re all set.

Is Dabble secure? Can I share my work?

Encryption technology keeps Dabble and your manuscripts safe and secure. Writing a top-secret best seller? Your work is protected from prying eyes. Dabble will never publish user content without express permission. Your writing stays in Dabble unless you choose to share it. 

We’re currently working on co-authoring features that will allow you to send your books and collaborate with fellow writers. You can also share your work via export features or old-fashioned copy and paste methods as well.